About us

Ram export is a leading innovative apparel manufacturer and Lifestyle home accessories sourcing solution providers for retailers, my brands, departmental stores and designer boutiques with over 20 years of experience for development of sustainable and eco-efficient apparels and Home Textile.

The company was founded in 1999 by Ramanand Tailor, with innovative tailoring, designing and fabric range as the primary column. With a background in Knitted Apparel manufacturing ram exports soon became a leading provider of sustainable textile apparels in Pushkar (Raj.) India.

Today ram exports is an export company of high added-value apparel for the most discerning markets. We are acknowledged by ensuring products made with the highest standards supported by a quality assurance system that sustainably incorporates continuous improvements in our processes, thus benefiting both, our customers and staff. At the moment we are manufacturing for over 40 brands, designing and small companies across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an ethical, sustainable and Eco-efficient apparel, textiles and products for the world.

To be an innovative, vertically-integrated textile company with diverse and high quality textile products, that works with enough flexibility to serve high-end market segments with designs and collections

To make Business Relationships that add value and Character built on Integrity, Trust and Ethics

Be a company led by a culture of operational excellence that offers a prompt response, and top-quality service to our customers

We inspire loyalty in our clients by providing them with the best manufacturing and sourcing services that they have ever experienced.

To be a wold brand which is respectful to the environment and human, compatible with the technology, which is reaching power to set world standards in production and increasing the competitiveness of our country at the international level.

Our mission is to bring a trans formative,creative approach in our fashion and lifestyle industry, creating a positive impact on society and environment.

We believe that through businesses we can transform the world. A new way of doing business exists, one in which the final goal is not purely financial profit but also at the service of a prosperous and sustainable world.

To be a pioneer in its sector by investing in people and technology and by producing quality products at low cost.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and being at peace with nature by creating and promoting the environmental awareness.


Our Mission


Fashion Industry is basically not only to continue but also to bring new, unique and creative designs for our customers.


By exhibiting a positive attitude to changing conditions effectively, to be flexible and have a creative perspective.



We offer to our team members our confidence, talent and enthusiasm so that they can achieve the company goals by working consistently and efficiently


To be reputable and honest by standing behind the promises and working ethically and legally. Protecting our clients designs and services. 


We strive for comprehensive quality in our employees, processes and products in accordance with current market demands and globalization


We are committed to the rational and responsible use of resources, and the creation of products that enhance the quality of life of our employees, customers, and society, while caring for the environment, achieving economic growth, and gaining competitiveness in our Company


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Experience Centre: Ram Exports, Varah Ghat Chowk, Chotti Basti 

Pushkar, Rajasthan (INDIA) 305022 

Factory: Ram Exports, Plot No. 21-22, IDSMT Colony Pushkar, Rajasthan (INDIA) 305022 


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