We don’t want to be the largest and best producer in the world.

We want to be the best producer for the world

Ram Exports is eco-conscious manufacturing and sourcing organization. Always trying to re-introducing environment friendly methods through using eco-friendly material and socially accountable production process

Social Responsibility

Ram Exports is not only committed to the environment, but also to society. We are collaborating on several social projects in which we believe we can make a real change. These are not sporadic actions; we engage in long-lasting humanitarian and educational projects, with a focus on the least priviledged and the young that are seeking opportunities.

We as a producer has promised to produce more sustainable apparel by caring for its workers, taking steps to conserve environmental resources, and building strong communities. Our initiatives are focused primarily on balancing the needs of the company with its impact on the people involved in its supply chain and on the environment. The company is committed to operating based on principles of trust, dignity, honesty, collaboration, and mutual respect, and it strives to showcase these principles in how it treats people, communities, and the environment


For any company, its people are its most important assets We will entitle, energize and endue our people to give their best performance. We make entrust teams that can take proficient decisions. We enable sharing of knowledge. We will make requisite strength to take care of changes in business scenarios.

All of our suppliers are required to adhere to conditions and rules of employment that respect workers’ rights, according to the company. At a minimum, suppliers must protect worker rights under international and national labor and social security regulations and laws.

All employees are treated with dignity and respect, and the company says it does not work with any distributors or other partners who harass employees or discriminate against them in any way. Underage workers are not permitted


We provide a safe workplace. We promote healthy work habits. We strongly believe that the health of our staff is most prominent and that only creates greater and sustainable wealth.

Our company also offers attractive benefits like free on-site medical care to ensure the well-being of all employees. All workplaces must be kept healthy and safe, according to the company’s codes of conduct


It is important now than ever to be wise in using energy. At Ram Exports, our main motive is to save the energy consumption and generate electrical consumption through solar panel, where we ethical produce our energy through natural resource sunlight.

We strives to reduce waste and optimize resource use to minimize its impact on the environment. It conducts environmental audits regularly to ensure that all facilities are within compliance.

We have established several environmental responsibility initiatives to create a more sustainable future for the business and the planet. The company takes steps to track its consumption of energy and water. It also tracks the levels of things like wastewater output and greenhouse gas emissions. With our sustainability initiatives, it strives to decrease water and energy consumption, reduce wastewater and greenhouse gas production, and keep as much waste out of landfills as possible.


We take uttermost care of our environment and communities in which we work. We shall work towards upbringing our environment and its natural resources.

We fortify actions that can help environment and community’s development. We work every day to achieve a sustainable textile industry through eco-efficient and disruptive technologies. For this reason, we join forces with the main brands and suppliers to lead the change towards the total detoxification of the clothing and home furnishing industry, guaranteeing zero contamination and reducing the use of water, chemicals and energy in the production process.

The company also strives to reduce waste and optimize resource use to minimize its impact on the environment. It conducts environmental audits regularly to ensure that all facilities are within compliance.

Suppliers are also required to adopt measures to mitigate their ecological impact. They must abide by all applicable international and local laws that are in place to protect the environment

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